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About us

Why Choose us

Spinal Symmetry is a group of Chiropractors and Osteopaths utilising a general holistic and musculoskeletal hands on approach aimed at accessing and addressing the primary cause of your back pain/neck pain/headache as well as any peripheral joint or sport injuries.

This is done through strong and profound biomechanical principles and the effectiveness of structural re-alignment coupled with myofascial therapy.

Our practitioners are experienced manipulative therapists, having a minimum of 5 years university training. They have also undergone extensive in house, hands on and theoretical postgraduate training with our principal Osteopath Malcolm Jack, therefore each practitioner is trained to provide the same treatment consistent with the Spinal Symmetry® model.


What is the Spinal Symmetry Method ?

The Spinal Symmetry® method is different from other manipulative therapy approaches. Our intention is to correct the primary cause of the primary problem of your back pain not just your symptoms.

The fundamental principle of our treatment is that "structure governs function"


Our focus is on the skeletal structure and its joint biomechanics, in particular the hips and pelvis.

The hips and pelvis are the foundations of our spine and skeletal system. Much like the foundations of a building, when there is a 'structural' imbalance occurring at the hips and pelvis, cracks in the walls can occur throughout the entire skeletal system which relies on this foundation.

The nervous system controls the way the body 'functions', including the muscles and ligaments. Any dysfunction to the nervous system can lead to back pain and other muscle and joint issues.

When we correct an imbalance of the hips and pelvis this affects the spine, which houses the spinal cord i.e. the nervous system. This correction allows for the nervous system to return to function normally and remove symptomatic effects such as pain