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Why do I have to wait a month between treatments - Part 3 - Dynamic Therapy- A journey of healing

November 26, 2019

Last month, in part 2 of this article, we discussed how Dynamic Therapy drives a healing process by re-establishing the integrity of our skeletal system.  


In this article, we will go more into detail about how this healing process occurs. 


As stated earlier in our previous article, the structure (skeletal system) of our bodies start to really develop when we begin to fully engage in gravity- ie. when we learn to walk. 


Keeping in mind, GRAVITY is the reason we have a skeletal system.


The hip/pelvic complex is our first structural foundation.


Once this is formed, our spine and rib cage starts to activate in gravity.


This forms the shoulder girdle. 


The shoulder girdle/rib cage is the secondstructural foundation that develops as we grow.


Then, once the shoulder foundation is formed, and the head and neck curve starts to develop- which allows our whole body to be upright and withhold itself in gravity- hence the third foundation.


When our skeletal system is stable to withhold gravity, our spinal curves then start to develop. 
The spinal curves form the fourth and final foundational grid.
These 4 foundations exist together to allow our bodies to withstand gravity.



A Spinal Symmetry practitioner will start to correct these foundations beginning with the pelvis as the first priority.

Your nervous system is directly affected by these corrections via the ligaments. 
Ligaments exist to hold the bones of the skeleton in place. Ligaments have no blood supply and are exclusively linked to the central nervous system (brain) via the neural (nerve) network.
Once the primary priority (the pelvis) is corrected- the nervous system is activated, which affects the 3 other foundational systems in a chain-like reaction that occurs in an upward manner.
This is how the healing mechanism is created in your body using the Dynamic Therapy. 
Using the Dynamic Therapy strap each night gives the nervous system positive feedback on a daily basis, and it allows the body to return to it’s own genetic blueprint. 


Only each individual’s nervous system is able to recall its own blueprint, and only each individual’s nervous system knows what is required to go back through the timeline of their body to return to the blueprint.


By engaging this process- of the body working backwards, unwinding itself through it’s own timeline of all the events that have occurred to their body- is the how the Dynamic Therapy is able to create this healing process.
So rather than a maintenance model of treatment, which usually involves only dealing with the superficial layers of trauma/events of the body, the Dynamic Therapy gives your body accessto affect how your whole skeletal system operates for the rest of your life.
As you can imagine, this takes time.
It has taken time to create the four foundations throughout your childhood, so it will take time to create a shift to unwind this.
This is where the 1-month theory comes to life. 
We suggest that it takes, on average, one full monthof consistent and correct use of Dynamic Therapy using the strap, to undo a year of negative stressthat has been placed on your genetic make-up during your life. 
If you are 20 years old- that’s potentially roughly 20 years of strains to your hips and pelvis that you may be unaware of. So, it will take roughly 20 months of Dynamic Therapy to get back to your genetic blueprint. If you are 30 years old= 30 months, 40 years old= 40 months etc.  


This does not mean that the shoulder pain that you may have presented with originally will be painful in the duration of the healing process. The shoulder pain may be relieved within a few weeks of treatment, however to return stability to your entire skeletal system and prevent reoccurrence of the repeat issues that originally brought you in to see us, Dynamic Therapy needs to be continued until the skeletal system is structurally sound.
As your body is unwinding and moving towards it’s genetic blueprint, your nervous system will be able to correct most minor strains on its own, provided you are still using the Dynamic Therapy strap. 
However, there will be strains that may surface from perhaps more major traumas in the past, which may need attention from a Spinal Symmetry practitioner along the way.

If for example 10 years ago you had a car accident that knocked you around a fair bit, it is likely that there was a great amount of force on your body from that trauma. When and if this surfaces in the course of your healing process- it will probably need some assistance to release this particular layer of trauma. You might find that if this does surface, it may seem familiar to the initial trauma, and you might feel like it has come completely out of the blue. 


We describe this as a healing crisis- which is actually a positive thing, as it means that this layer is presenting itself so that it can be released from your system, and allow your body to journey closer towards your genetic blueprint.
When your practitioner takes a through history to help clarify major events that have occurred in your lifetime, it helps both the practitioner and yourself understand what may be occurring and why.
Understandably, each individual’s journey will be completely different to the next, depending on what their body has been through, and also how their nervous system responds to treatment. 
In summary, Dynamic Therapy is a healing process because it allows your nervous system to access your genetic blueprint. 
Our role as Spinal Symmetry practitioners grants this access, however it is Dynamic Therapy that drives the processand YOUR nervous systemthat does all the work.
If you would like more clarity on this, our practitioners are available to discuss and assist you to navigate your individual healing process. 



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