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Dynamic Therapy- Healing the Body Why do I have to wait a month in between treatment- Part 2

November 20, 2019

This is the second part of this discussion on why you need to wait certain time in between treatments. You can read part one here.


In the previous article, we looked at why your body needs time between treatments so that your nervous system has space to heal, which enables it to cope with more treatment.


We also introduced Dynamic Therapy and how implementing this process creates a healing environment for your nervous system.


This month we are going to take deeper look into this concept of healing that is created by Dynamic Therapy.




Firstly, what is Dynamic Therapy?


Dynamic Therapy utilises a dynamic therapy strap to tie the legs together above the knees.


This is done to squeeze the thigh bones together at the knees so it can influence the hip, pelvic and sacral joints by causing them to open. This causes a stretchto the hip ligaments.


This stretch in the hip ligaments then activates the nerves that exist within the ligaments. Once the nerves are stimulated it will send a message to the spinal cord, which is then transmitted up the cord into the brain.


The whole premise of Dynamic Therapy is to reset these hip ligaments back to their genetic blue print that is stored in your nervous system’s memory.


This process is carried out for 30 minutes every day in bed before going to sleep.


After 30 minutes, you then take the strap off and remain lying horizontal in bad for at least 4 hours.


The 30 minutes with the dynamic therapy strap on supplies intense stimulation to the hip ligaments. The 4 hours thereafter provide the hip ligaments a low grade stimulation, while the body is out of gravity.


Once you stand again, this stimulation is switched off as the hip, pelvic and sacral joints will close to support the skeletal system in gravity.


Please note: Dynamic Therapy will only be effective once the hips have been balanced by a Spinal Symmetry practitioner.




Why is Dynamic Therapy so important? Why does it take time to work?


Let’s go back a few steps and explain.


When you are born, the joints in your skeletal system aren’t actually fully formed. You are a mix of bone and cartilage which allows your body the ability to shift and move in the womb to grow, and then be able to squeeze through the birth canal to be born.


Over the first few months of life your ligaments then start to develop so they can support your skeletal system which is now under

GRAVITATIONAL FORCES. Cartilage is also turning into hard bone, to enable your body to exist and move in gravity.


This ligament formation is within your genetic make-up. It is not a leant function- it occurs in your genetic code.


Once this occurs you are then able to start to control your body- which is when the baby milestones start to occur. Babies start to move their limbs independently, they start to learn to lift their heads up in tummy time, they start to roll side to side and then they start to crawl and lift their bodies up.


This is the first time that the developing hips and pelvis will start to engage the force of gravity.


Gravity is a downward force on our body.




If we did not have gravity, we would not need our structure.

Since we do exist in gravity, if we did not have structure, we would be a blob on the floor not able to function.


When a baby starts to progress from crawling to standing, then from standing to walking, the hip ligaments start to harden and the hip angles start to develop.


From the age of 1 to 4 years these hip angles and the ligaments that hold it are solidifying and creating a force that determines your centre of gravity.


This centre of gravity determines the stability of the foundation of your skeletal system that you will live with and function from for the rest of your life.


All of this is determined by your genetic code.




Then, as life goes, we start creating small and large traumas to our body.


We fall over learning to a ride a bike, we wrestle with our siblings, we land hard at school basketball, we fall out of trees, we have car accidents, we have horse riding accidents, we try to ski and snowboard, and then we start sitting all day, every day at school and then move into our working life constantly straining and stressing it.


All of the above form layers of stress and strain on top of our genetic blue print, that can cause a gross imbalance in our hip and pelvis function. This is what affects the foundation of our skeletal system.


We’ll then reach our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, whenever it may be and start to develop shoulder pain for example. It has never shown up before, and no event has happened that we can remember has caused it.


It is completely usual to not realise that all the micro traumas that have occurred in the past may have had some influence on the pelvis- which is the foundation to the whole body. Or that potentially, this foundation issue has been slowly building up to cause that strain into the shoulder over time.


You then enter a Spinal Symmetry clinic and we examine your body showing you the imbalance in your leg length from the hips being unbalanced. This creates a shift in your pelvis to one side, which has a domino effect of loading the ribs (via your spine) on the opposite side, which your shoulder girdle sits on. This forces the shoulder to rotate, and this rotation over time is what may have caused the injury to occur at the shoulder.


At Spinal Symmetry, to correct your shoulder, we start by removing all the imbalances in your body and implement Dynamic Therapy- to set you on course to retrain the ligaments that potentially have been working incorrectly for possibly 30+ years. These years of of micro stresses and strains from the above causes that are a part of life, which have led to this problem.


Once the hips have been corrected by a Spinal Symmetry practitioner and you are enrolled in the Dynamic Therapy process,  it generally takes 2 weeks of consistent strapping for the ligaments of your hips to begin to be activated.



These ligaments are deep in the hip capsule and highly established in their way of holding, which is why it takes time to start to generate change in the actual ligament.


Generally, once you are enrolled in Dynamic Therapy you will be told to return to the clinic in two weeks.


All individuals are different, however at approximately two weeks, we will be able to check whether the hip imbalance that was corrected at the previous treatment has held. This involves examining the leg length and hip angles.


If the Dynamic Therapy strap has been used correctly and consistently, then the journey of healing has begun.


Each body’s journey will be unique, as each individual has endured different trauma and each person has different thresholds to trauma.


Generally, the process of checking every 2 weeks will most likely continue until your hips are holding the correct balance. Once this is achieved, we usually will not need to examine you for another month, provided you continue consistently with the Dynamic Therapy strap.


Once your hips are balanced, there is stability at the foundation of your skeletal system. This allows the course of healing your body to move from an external force (ie. practitioner driven), to one where your nervous system will begin to take the reins- and drive the healing process upwards as the whole body starts to unwind.


Next month, we will go into more detail as to how this healing process occurs within the skeletal system through an unwinding, ascending (upward) progression.



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