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Why do I have to wait a week or two before my next treatment?

August 22, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the practitioners at Spinal Symmetry tell you to wait a week, two weeks or even a month until the next treatment?


There are actually many reasons why we give the above time frames on when you should have your next treatment. The first being is that at Spinal Symmetry we are assessing the whole body and also addressing the whole body in the one treatment.




You may come in for example, with shoulder pain and this is all you are aware of that is presenting to be the problem. We then assess you and find that perhaps your pelvis, ankle, spine, ribs and shoulder all have biomechanical structural stresses on them. We then treat those 5 areas as they were all affecting how your shoulder was functioning.


This is potentially going to take time for your body to work out what just happened. Treatment is actually like a trauma to the body. A good trauma, but still a trauma. You will walk out of the clinic and your body will be saying to itself, “what just happened?”


Over the coming hours and even days, your brain will be receiving messages from the nerves in those 5 areas relaying information about their new environment with the physical stress removed.

It takes time for the brain to work out that the underlying cause of the shoulder pain has been removed- so it may take time (1-2 days) for the brain to switch off the nerve pathways causing pain stimulation and lack of the movement- which was originally what brought you into the clinic in

the first place.


Then, once the brain comes to terms with the changes that have taken place structurally, it then needs to work out how to use these 5 new areas that are moving differently. This will need timeto change how the tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, fat, nerves etc. all function around the area. This can take 1-3 days.


So, it has potentially taken 1 day to work out what happened in the treatment room, another 2 days to turn the pain stimulation off, then another 3 days to work out how to move all the other tissues in the area.

This gets us to roughly 6 days post treatment.

This is why when you are in real strife, your nervous system has a lot to deal with-we want to allow your nervous system space and time to do what it knows what to do- so the practitioners may tell you to come back in a week’s time to reassess.


In this second treatment, we may reassess that the 5 areas need re-treatment because they are all “better” but not quite functioning optimally, so they need more help to remove the physical stress so they can return to correct optimal movement.


The story is different if your hips were the major factor leading to the shoulder issue in the first place. As discussed in more detail in previous articles (LINK), your hips are the foundation to the entire skeletal framework.


If you present with an unbalanced hip structure and we have been able to correct these fully at the time of your initial treatment, you will often be told to leave 2 weeks until the next treatment.

This is because it will take time for your body to adapt to the changes that have occurred as described above, as well as the reason which is key to Spinal Symmetry’s approach- which is that the hips are the foundation to your entire body.


By adjusting and stabilising your hips with dynamic therapy (LINK),your entire body and nervous system will undergo a huge shift over the coming weeks.


It is like lifting up your house with stilts, then relaying a new concrete slab for it to sit back on. The cracks in the walls, the funny sloped wall, the uneven roof tiles, the window in the kitchen that was on a lean, are all now sitting on a new even slab.


It’s going to take time for the dust to settle and your body to get use to this huge change in the structure that has occurred. That is why we ask you to wait 2 weeks until you return for a reassessment.


Often at the 2 week mark, many structures have self corrected, are functioning well and don’t require any more treatment- until the next time you lift poorly or sit awkwardly which places load on your structure.
Or sometimes, the hip foundations are holding and the body is still coming to terms with the huge changes that occurred two weeks earlier and you will be told there is no treatment required today as your body is still healing. We usually like to give your body two more weeks before we check to see if your body is ready for more treatment. So this will make it a full month between actual adjustments.


You may find this a strange concept to come to a clinic to have an issue worked on and you are told your body is not ready for treatment and that you will need to come back in another two weeks. Most people’s mentality will be- I don’t have time for this, I want it sorted it now.


Unfortunately your body doesn’t work like this. Your nervous system is in charge of how your body heals through this process. Only your nervous system has the power to heal or ‘fix’ your body- if we were to rush it along when it wasn’t ready- ie. adjust it, there is the huge potential to aggravate your nervous system- causing it to be overstimulated. This shows up for you as more pain than what you came in with.



By over-treating someone’s nervous system or delivering an adjustment to a nervous system that is not ready, it can be like having a bomb go off. It will just explode and affect everything in its path with no rhythm or reason.

Every time you present to Spinal Symmetry, we are actually assessing what not to do to you, rather than what most people think we are looking at, which is what to do to you.


The final reason we will talk briefly about today as to why you are told to wait sometimes up to a month until the next treatment is if you are under taking Dynamic Therapy. Dynamic Therapy and the healing involved has been discussed in previous articles (LINK).


Next month we will go into more detail on timing of healing involved in Dynamic Therapy but Very briefly, Dynamic Therapy is assisting your nervous system to remove the biomechanical layers that have been placed on your body over your entire life.

All these layers that have built up are affecting how your entire structure is functioning without you even knowing.


As we correct your hip and pelvic imbalance, your body will start to unwind through these layers and bring them up to the surface to be resolved correctly once and for all.

These processes roughly take a month of consistent Dynamic Therapy (strapping) to undo or go back a year in time.


So not only does the body take time to adapt to changes from the treatment you have received, which has been described above, but the Dynamic Therapy process takes time. With the help of a history examination, the practitioner may be able to feel that there is going to be a big change on the horizon in your body as part of the healing that is undertaking. You may be told to come back in a month so that we can keep an eye on those changes and guide you through the unwinding process. More of this will be discussed in the next article.


One final piece of advice to leave you with in this article- we have discussed in detail about leaving the body alone so that it can to heal. There are other ways which can assist the unwinding and healing process which can also help with the management of symptoms that you may be still experiencing.


Heat is fantastic at bringing blood into the area to aid in healing. Foam rolling, trigger balls and stretching will help elongate the tissues that need to remodel now that the structure has changed. Massage can help the tissues remodel and heal, as well as helping de-stress the nervous system as it heals. Wholesome food, water and supplements will again aid in healing. Light exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates can all help re-teach the body how to move with it’s renewed structural alignment.


So there is a lot that can help assist the body when an adjustment is not the answer at that time.



If you have been told to wait 1,2 or 4 weeks and are unsure whether you can wait that long or perhaps need guidance on where your body is up to in the healing process, please always feel free to give the treating practitioner a call. They will be able guide you and provide a detailed reason as to what is happening in the process of your particular case- no two bodies are the same and everyone will heal very differently.



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