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A Simple Sitting Posture Set Up

August 15, 2018

Last month we gave you an article about sitting at work all day.

This should have provided you with some inspiration to survive sitting all day and taking breaks from sitting- however, since sitting is a necessary evil in this age of our reliance on technology, we thought we’d give you a simple posture set up which will help you find the most efficient way to sit at your desk.


A great way to make sure you are sitting at work in the correct posture is to adopt the Dinosaur T Rex arms.


This means to sit at your desk in the chair correctly, and keep your elbows in at your side with your hands out in front.


If your table is set up correctly you should be able to reach everything you need with your hands without taking your elbows away from your body.

As soon as your elbows leave your body you are activating the shoulder girdle, which means your are loading the shoulder girdle joints and the ribs/thoracic cage, and therefore loading the shoulder muscles.


This load is placed on your body every single time you elbow leaves your body to reach for something on your table, eg your mouse.


How many times are you reaching for your mouse in a day?

To reduce this load caused by reaching, sit at your desk with your elbows in at your sides, and if you can’t reach something on your desk that you use all day (such as your mouse), move that object closer to you or re-organize the way that your desk is set up.



  Poor Posture- leaning forward and reaching for mouse





Better Posture- sitting closer to the table the keyboard and mouse in reach.


This simple posture set up also applies to a standing desk- which can be an alternative solution to sitting all day. The same principles apply when standing, and it is the variation in posture from sitting to standing during the day that will ultimately be most beneficial for your body.




We also have 2 previous articles which cover, in detail, how best to sit at work. They are articles 6 and article 7, which can be found in our newsletter archives on our website. 


Again, as we discussed in last month’s newsletter- your body will respond best when it’s foundation is sound. The foundation being the optimal alignment of your hips and pelvis- which will allow the rest of your skeletal structure to move and function efficiently and respond to this posture set up.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask one of our practitioners.




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