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Healing- The Unwinding Process

February 2, 2017

Have you ever wondered what your Spinal Symmetry practitioner meant by “the unwinding process”?

….Or, still can’t quite get your head around what it means?


This month, we attempt to break down this complex aspect of healing that your body experiences when you are treated in the Spinal Symmetry method.


The unwinding process is exactly how it sounds, it is the de-layering or retracing of any of the body’s primary structural and functional imbalances. This includes any associated compensations, as well as your body’s history of any previous traumas both physical (i.e. sprains and strains, knocks, bruises and falls) and emotional.


The best analogy we have to reiterate this, is that of an onion representing our body as a whole. The unwinding process is the peeling away or de-layering of layers of dysfunction, be it physical or emotional, which may have built up throughout our lifetime.





These layers of dysfunction can be conducive to the imbalances in our bodies and which can lead to our pain or discomfort. The layers of imbalances tend to be memorized in our soft tissue structures- specifically in our ligaments and muscles.


The unwinding process is a healing process that only occurs once the structural foundation of the body i.e. the hips and pelvis, are balanced and stable within the context of gravity.


By having the hips and pelvis balanced and stable in gravity, it enables the physical body to return to a state of neutrality and homeostasis.


Since the physical body is what holds us up in gravity, and most importantly, houses our nervous system, by returning it back to a state of neutrality, it allows us, as a human being to return to a balanced, symmetrical and optimally functioning state of being- physically and emotionally.


The combination of the Spinal Symmetry method of hands-on treatment here at the clinics, and the application of a nightly exercise to support and hold corrections called Dynamic Therapy, (or as it is more colloquially known as “strapping”) your body is able to establish and support a healing mechanism which is what we term as the “unwinding process”.


Dynamic Therapy is one of the main key elements in the Spinal Symmetry method. It is what allows the body to establish healing.


The use of the Dynamic Therapy strap each night creates a ‘holding’ of the corrections which are made when you come in to see a practitioner.


By performing Dynamic Therapy each night correctly and consistently, it sets off a mechanism within your nervous system to allow for healing to take place.


It does this by neurologically re-setting or re-programming the tension of the ligaments in the hips and pelvis, and it is this that allows the joints to maintain their correct positioning.


To read more on Dynamic therapy in detail, it is thoroughly explained in one of our past newsletter articles. Find the link at : http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=223c9cc97f8ff9773ed43e6ca&id=3a2a4fb338


As we have explained many times previously, the majority of humans are structurally asymmetrical, and this is driven by a distorted centre of gravity (COG) caused by a structural imbalance in the hips. This creates other imbalances throughout the pelvis, spine and upper body.


To return your body to a state of balance or symmetry, logically, your centre of gravity needs to be returned to its genetically designed location.


In the context of a symmetrical and balanced human structure, the COG is located in the middle of the pelvis, in front of a triangle shaped bone called the sacrum. The location of the your COG is part of a genetic blueprint designed for us to exist in gravity, as upright, balanced and symmetrical human beings. The picture below depicts the centre of gravity within the pelvis.




The only way the “unwinding process” can occur is when your centre of gravity is restored to the location of its genetic design, in other words, in the middle of the sacrum. This is governed by how the hips are orientated.


As we stated earlier, to create this change a combination of two things is required.

  1. Balancing the hip and pelvic dynamics through the hands-on treatment offered at Spinal Symmetry.

  2. A complete compliance by the patient in performing the Dynamic Therapy nightly to reinforce, support and maintain the corrections made via the treatments in clinic.

So when your centre of gravity engages in returning to the location of its genetic design through the two points above, the nervous system only has one thing to do!


That is to re-trace through all the primary structural and functional imbalances within the body, including the associated compensations, as well as all the stresses, strains and knocks, physical and emotional, that have been stored as a memory in your body throughout it’s lifetime.


This is the unwinding process: a return to a state of optimal functioning.


In other words, the definition of healing.





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