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The Skeletal System and Nervous System

November 10, 2016

At Spinal Symmetry our focus is on looking after your nervous system. Why? Your nervous system is what makes you, YOU! This includes your mind, your personality, your emotions, as well as your physical body’s functioning and interpretation of pain.



All of these aspects are related to one another, and that may be why you notice a change in mood, or a strong emotional response to a treatment, as well as better physical function and less pain. We focus on treating you as a human being and not just a human body!





The reason our care focuses mainly on your joints within the skeletal system with manipulations and adjustments, is that your function is governed by your skeletal structure. Your skeletal frame, along with your fascial tissue is what holds your nervous system and all other body systems in place.


You need your skeletal frame to exist and move in gravity. Otherwise we would just be blobs on the ground, and that would make getting to work a bit of a challenge!





Your skeletal frame is held together by ligaments which form the joints that hold the bones together. You may have had it explained to you that your joint capsules and ligaments only have a nerve supply and no blood supply. This is why your ligaments can be very pain sensitive when they are involved in joint dysfunction (when your joints aren’t working properly = pain!).


At Spinal Symmetry, we specifically use your ligaments as a gateway for us to communicate with your nervous system- which you may have experienced as the annoying poking by your practitioner at the painful spot before they adjust a joint!


Our focus is to very specifically find the exact dysfunctional area of a ligament or joint capsule that is driving your pain and dysfunction.


The primary area that causes most of our symptoms lie in our hip capsules and pelvic joints which, when dysfunctional will form an unstable foundation for your spine. This can cause a variety of compensations, which can lead to pain anywhere from your head to your toes.





The Dynamic Therapy Strap is designed for you to use at home as a self-treatment once we have reset the structure and tone of your pelvis and hips. The Dynamic Therapy is able to re-train the ligaments, and over a longer period of time, hold your joints in an accurate and symmetrical position.


It works by amplifying the nervous system flow to the hip capsules and pelvic ligaments. This can take approximately two years, just like braces on your teeth!


This focus on your pelvis and hips will create a stable foundation for your spine to sit on, and will unwind chronic problems you may have in your neck, shoulders, or anywhere else.



Your central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord. It is enveloped by a type of fascial tissue called dura, and held in place by the cranium (your skull) and the spinal column. In between each vertebra as well as the sacrum and tailbone, spinal nerve roots exit through little holes to supply to your body’s tissues.


Your nerves also pick up information from your skin and organs, and give commands to your glands and muscles. Basically, any process, be it conscious or not, is happening due to your nervous system.


Dealing with your skeletal system as a whole, which is our primary focus at Spinal Symmetry, has a direct impact on your entire nervous system’s health, which includes the physical tissues such as muscles and organs, but also has an impact on your mind and emotions.





Your emotional state is a very interesting component of your nervous system that can be connected to your spinal health.


Although there are many complex processes involved with your emotional state- two portions of your nervous system are a large part of this. They are your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Your sympathetic nervous system is activated during what is called a “fight or flight” response- related to fear, anxiety and stress. It causes these strong emotions while also raising your heart rate, increasing blood flow to your muscles, dilating your pupils and slowing down digestion.


Your parasympathetic nervous system is the polar opposite, and is activated during your rest and digest phases, when you are relaxed. Your blood flow is focused to your organs, your pupils are constricted and your digestion is active.

You may have experienced that your stomach starts to rumble, along with a sense of relief or relaxation, during or after a treatment.


This is an example of how our treatments, which primarily focus on your skeletal system, have a significant impact on your nervous system.




Your nervous system also collects a type of information from your joints known as proprioception.


Proprioception is the knowledge of where your body is in space.


It is why when you close your eyes, you still know where your limbs are and what position they are in, and you are able to move your body without having to visually monitor where every part of it is at all times.


Some of the larger proprioceptive centres in your body are found in your feet and ankles, your pelvis and in the upper part of your neck. If these joints are dysfunctional, you might feel a little clumsy on your feet, or if your neck is involved, a little dizzy and foggy-headed.


A significant proprioceptive area is in your hip capsules– which is actually how the Dynamic Therapy works! By performing Dynamic Therapy daily, it is increasing the proprioceptive input to your brain and this allows for better joint function and how the ‘re-training’ process in your ligaments works.



The take-away message is that by taking care of your skeletal system, your whole body will benefit from it!


Your central nervous system, which gives function to your physical body and mind, lives in your cranium and spine.


By creating the best possible environment for your cranium and spine- ie.


Balancing your hips and pelvis and using the Dynamic Therapy so that the rest of the skeletal system can function optimally- you will be taking care of it.


And by taking care of it, it will take care of you- by helping your physical and emotional wellbeing!




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