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History of Malcolm Jack & Spinal Symmetry

June 2, 2016


The origins of the clinic go back to 1970 when a 19 year old Malcolm Jack, bought Klenner Osteopathic Clinic in Brookvale while he was still at Osteopathic College.

By the time Malcolm finished college at 22 he had been operating his own clinic
for 3 years.

Then in 1976 the clinic moved to Dee Why and again moved in 1979 to Belrose where it stayed until 1982, Since 1982 the clinic has been at 30 Fisher Road Dee Why however in a different suite. In 1984 moved into its current location.

In 1985 Malcolm joined other practitioners to form JMS. In the early 90s the
clinic’s name changed to Osteopathic Group Services (OGS).

In the early 90s OGS, and especially Malcolm, specialised in treating children with
Cerebral Palsy (CP) as well as the general public. The demand for this treatment
was so great that other OGS clinics opened in Bondi and Canberra. Malcolm was
also involved in A Body Of Work at Neutral Bay and at one stage Malcolm was
also flying to Melbourne once a month to mentor practitioners to specifically
treat CP patients.

Malcolm’s passion for treating CP patients began in 1977 when a patient brought
in her child who had CP. At the time the child was hemiplegic and unable to walk.
By the age he was 17 he was able to play tennis and golf and now is happily
married and has children of his own. This tremendous success motivated
Malcolm to continue to treat CP kids.

Malcolm was and still is so committed to treating patients with CP he aimed to
raise money to support the clinic by completing in the sailing race known as the
BOC challenge, however sponsorship fell through before the race started. The
yacht had written on the boom “Cerebral Palsy No More Disability” with a huge
pelvis on the sail.

Also during the 90s the NFL team the Miami Dolphins wanted Malcolm to become
their head practitioner however no matter how much money they threw at him he
was dedicated to staying and continuing the work with the cerebral palsy

During the late 90s and early 2000s Malcolm moved on from these other clinics
and turned his focus to teaching and mentoring other practitioners at Dee Why
and also at the Pymble clinic which opened in 2010. The Pymble clinic now
operates as the Spinal Symmetry Head Office and will be the hub for research
and further teaching. In 2007 OGS changed its name to Spinal Symmetry.
During the time the Dee Why clinic was seeing a large number of CP patients the
clinic occupied both suites 101 and 102. Then in 2005 the layout of the clinic
changed to what it currently is, but the original numbers of the rooms remained
the same hence why the door numbers are 4,5,6.

Over the years there have been 15 practitioners who have worked out of the
Spinal Symmetry rooms at Dee Why and Pymble being aided by 100s of student
assistants and at last count 15 000 recorded patients from 1989 to today.
However this number is much larger because from 1970 to 1989 there were no
computer records.

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